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The Toddler Chair

The toddler chair is recommended for ages 12 - 20 months and includes only the guard rail.

Why buy The Enzi Chair at this level?

If your child is able to sit unsupported for lengths of time you can start at the Enzi Chair Toddler level. Which simply means you'll buy the Enzi chair with just the guard rail, without the harness and tray, and all you need is to select cushion sets to match your decor.

The BenefitsOrder your Enzi Chair now

  • This includes the guard rail to provide toddlers with an additional level of comfort & security.
  • Ideal for pre-school going children.
  • Encourages the development of gross motor skills.

toddler chairtoddler chairtoddler chair


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Encourages Good table habits

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  • For Baby

  • For Toddlers

  • For Homework

Baby - Enzi Chair
Toddler - Enzi Chair
Scholar - Enzi Chair

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