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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about highchairs and in particular The Enzi Char. If you have a question which is not in this section, please feel free to contact us.

What is the best feature of the Enzi Chair that is not found with other chairs?

The single best feature of the Enzi Chair is its tremendous versatility. It can be used as a traditional high chair with a tray, but remove the tray and even a young infant can be seated up to the table for a meal with the family. Later on, the safety guard can be removed so your child can step up into the youth chair on their own and seat themselves at the table. It eventually becomes a full-size chair. Best of all, the style of the Enzi Chair is never compromised through all of these stages.


I have seen several adjustable high chairs on the market. How are the Enzi Chair adjustments different?

The Enzi Chair is the only adjustable high chair with a two dimensional seat space adjustment. The seat height and seat depth can be adjusted to properly fit your child. The footrest also features adjustable height and depth dimensions. The chair also features the innovative swing tray and guard rail to further enhance the child’s stability and protection.


Why do I need to use an Allen key to make the adjustments to the high chair?

The Allen key is necessary as a safety precaution. By using a key, you reduce the chance that a sibling or other person might adjust the chair in an unsafe manner or while it is in use with a child in place.


How long will my child benefit from sitting in the Enzi Chair?

Your child can use the Enzi Chair even as an adult, but the primary benefit is that the adjustable foot support grows with them until their feet reach the floor in a regular chair. This is typically around 8 to 10 years of age.


Is my child ready to sit in the Enzi Chair without the safety guard/infant kit?

You know your child’s abilities better than anyone. The signs that your child may be ready to sit in the Enzi Chair without the safety guard are:

  • Able to sit in a chair without assistance.
  • Shows interest in climbing into the chair.
  • Tries to climb out of their high chair.



Are the stain finish and glue used on the Enzi Chairs harmful to my child?

All materials used in the production of the Enzi Chair meet regulations for safety and are not harmful to your child.


Does the Enzi Chair include a safety harness?

All models of the Enzi Chair include a three-point safety harness. Children up to about 18 months of age should use this harness. When the harness is no longer needed, it can be removed by sliding it off the main beam with the backrest removed. Although other high chairs include a five-point safety harness, the Enzi Chair is specifically designed with a three-point harness in order to allow the ergonomic seating of your child and so not to inhibit their interaction.


Why does my crotch bar not attach to the guard?

First, make sure that the seat is no more than 1 inch down from the highest position. Then, double check that you are attaching the crotch bar properly. The end with the hole should connect with the inside edge of the guard and the end with the groove should go under the seat.


Will I ever need to tighten the hardware?

Your chair hardware may loosen up after assembly. This is a result of the natural materials maturing. Please be sure to tighten your hardware about a month after initial assembly and check for any looseness periodically, particularly after transporting the chair.


Can I Remove the Harness?

The harness can be removed for children over 12 months of age or for cleaning by removing the chair back and sliding the harness off the main beam. Please always replace the harness when using the Enzi Chair for children younger than 18 months years of age.


How do I clean my Enzi Chair?

You can use a damp cloth with mild soap or other cleanser that is suitable for wood furniture. Treat the wood finish as you would any other piece of wooden furniture in your home. Never submerge it in water and always dry thoroughly after cleaning and spills.


How do I wash my Enzi Chair Cushion? Can it be washed in the washing machine?

The Enzi Cushion is hand washable. It also can be washed in the delicate cycle of your washing machine.


I have heard that the Enzi Chair is small and portable. Can it be carried in a car?

The Enzi Chair is designed to be a solid piece of furniture in your home. However, its compact design can be transported in the car. It can be stored upside down without the tray in a regular car seat or trunk. If you do transport the chair this way, be sure to check and tighten the hardware before use to make sure nothing became loose in transit.


Can the Enzi Chair adjust to the height of my countertop bar?

The Enzi Chair was designed to sit up to the height of an average table, typically 30 inches high. This allows the adult to sit in a regular chair to feed a young child and for the child to sit right up to the table with the family. The Enzi Chair is not designed to sit up to a countertop or bar-height table.


When is my child ready for Solid Food?

Most children start eating solid foods around 4-7 months of age. It is important that your child is seated upright to eat, not in a reclined position.


How do I know if my child is ready to eat in the Enzi High Chair?

The Enzi Chair is designed to provide upright support for children who are able to sit up on their own to eat. If your child is not able to sit upright unassisted, you may want to use a car seat, bouncer seat or similar seat until they can sit upright, typically around 6 months.


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