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When I saw the pics on Facebook of parents queuing from 2am in the morning to get their children’s grade 1 applications in I realised not only how deep our desire is as parents to provide a good education for our children, but also the lengths we’ll go.

Before even Declan was born or named, parents pressed on us the importance of getting him on school waiting lists. Even paying the sometimes heavy administration fees to do so were no guarantee that your child would secure a place at the school of your choice. Of course there are no waiting lists at government schools, so getting a place at a good school in your area can bring one to the brink of panic.

Making decisions about your child’s education are not always easy. And sometimes those choices don’t always work out. But we always do the best we can, sometimes going to great lengths and distances and manifesting reserves of money we never thought possible.

We believe the Enzi chair is one certain way you can support your child’s continuing education at home. Because it is specially designed to properly support both the back and feet at every stage of your child’s development. This support in turn promotes focus and concentration, so vital in the homework years. And there’s something very comforting in the fact that even if he does change schools, the chair remains constant.

Monday, 29 August 2011 23:24

The magic of the family meal

Enzi_Chair_-_the_magic_of_a_family_mealOn weekend mornings I put down the tools and Eric takes over as head chef. Lately even the boys are joining in. Eric shows them the careful art of cracking open an egg and I don’t seem to care too much if a few don’t make it into the pan!

When everyone shares in the making of the meal, the sharing of the meal follows as a natural outcome.

Not every day is a weekend of course, but we do try eat dinner together each evening during the week; going round the table with what we call the “highs and lows” to give everyone a chance to share the ups and downs of their day.

Regular family meals anchor the family. But what I’ve learnt is that these don’t need to be lavish affairs – they can be quick, conversational, quiet… What’s most important is regular face-to-face contact.

 A family culture of regular shared meals creates a sense of support, encouragement and love that stays with your child for life. And parents benefit from that contact too.

Younger kids pick up vocabulary and how conversation works, while older kids hear how a problem is solved, learn to listen to other people's concerns and respect that people have different tastes.

Most of all, a meal is about sharing – especially in the simple and loving act of passing food around and serving each other.

Miriam Weinstein, author of The Surprising Power of Family Meals, said, “Eating together makes us smarter, stronger and happier.” As Enzi we can only agree: we are all for family meals and bringing everyone to the table – for lots of eye-to-eye, face-to-face and heart-to-heart contact.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011 20:10

Closeness and Curiosity


One of the best places for your child to develop her language and social skills is around the dinner table. This is her opportunity to  interact with and observe other members of the family.

 Introducing her to shared mealtimes from the very beginning is not only fun (watch the myriad of expressions that cross her face with every new texture and flavour) but also a clever way to kick-start her development. 

And you can do this from about six months of age, when she begins to get the hang of sitting on her own.

The Enzi chair will provide just the right support: bringing her to the table at the perfect height with her feet and back safely supported.

Her eye level can meet yours and she can get a sweeping view of the table and everything going on around it.

And like a favourite security toy or blanket, her Enzi chair will be with her for many years to come – because it adjusts as your child grows, from a weaning chair, into a toddler chair, and into a homework chair.

With the Enzi chair you can keep baby close and let her curiosity awaken – at every mealtime, and for many happy years to come.


Thursday, 11 August 2011 20:17

Posture in the formative years

So often moms say to me they wish they’d bought the Enzi chair sooner. Their children have developed bad posture and low muscle tone and as a result are spending several (expensive) hours every month in physiotherapy or OT.

 The good news is that you can encourage and achieve good posture from an early age. And I don’t believe it’s ever too early or too late to start.

 Encouraging correct posture begins by investing in a good chair. There is no way around this. Side_View_Progress_email_size

 Most conventional high chairs or adult chairs will leave your child’s feet dangling in mid air. Feet need support. If they are not supported your child may find it physically impossible to sit up straight.

 Ill-fitting chairs neither offer back support, and without adequate back support your child’s trunk and pelvis tilt, which could eventually result in low muscle tone in the upper body.

 When the trunk, pelvis, back and feet are supported safely and appropriately, like they are with the Enzi chair, it not only encourages correct sitting and posture, but also promotes focus and attention on tasks – so important in the formative years when your child is learning to master hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, such as those used in drawing, cutting and colouring.

For a single investment in an Enzi chair, your child will enjoy all these benefits from babyhood through to pre-teens. Combine this with some easy daily spinal exercises, and you can confidently encourage correct sitting and posture for your entire family.

Friday, 29 July 2011 12:42

Our journey to the Enzi chair

When I was a young girl I imagined that I would one day have four children. Four..!! But that was long ago, and definitely before I held my first newborn in my arms.

All the baby books I had acquired during pregnancy weighed more than my 3.4kg bundle. And still I felt clueless.

The second time round though I felt more at ease. I put aside the baby books and drew on my own intuition and experience.

For one thing I knew how to choose the right high chair…

When my first baby, Declan started weaning we very excitedly went out and bought a high chair, a nice enough conventional plastic kind, which worked for a while. But I soon noticed how uncomfortable my boy was… feet dangling, not quite reaching the foot platform, and his arms unable to reach the table.

He also slouched a lot, and I was worried this would affect his posture.

After a long search we finally found everything we were looking for – an adjustable, durable and aesthetically pleasing chair made from a beautiful, polished wood that was very easy to clean.

Ever since, I have been sharing my journey with other parents. And with their encouragement (and even pleas) I have been finding the most affordable way to bring the Enzi chair into their homes and lives.

I hope I can do the same for you.

Friday, 29 July 2011 12:33

Loving mealtimes - Princess Shiza

Liz thank you so much. Shiza loves her new chair and is really enjoying her feeding time. The chair has become another pair of hands for us. So thank you once again for your fantastic service and ease of purchase. I have already recommended the chairs to my colleagues. All the best and take care, Mohammed Areff

Tuesday, 12 July 2011 20:38

After the highchair, then what?


Angelia_Side_View_Progress_LRHow many chairs does your child really need? I know some of the families I’ve spoken to have tried three or four options by the time their child is six!

 It’s about the age of three that children normally outgrow the standard non-adjustable high chair. But then what? Do you use a booster seat or pile up some cushions on an adult chair?

 The problem is that neither of these options promote comfort or proper posture.

 Your children’s feet dangle in mid air and there is little if any back support. So of course they fidget uncomfortably and develop a tendency to slouch. As one of my home-schooling moms said, “I had made foam cushions to boost the dining chair seat so that the kids could at least reach their dinner plate in the evenings, but there was more slipping and sliding than actual sitting.”


That’s why I am so pleased to have found the Enzi chair.



This is the only chair you need for your child. It will adjust as your child grows. Always providing support for the feet and support for the back. They can use the chair at the dining room table and at their desks.


The Enzi chair encourages proper sitting from the beginning – from weaning stage and throughout the school homework years.

It’s never too early or too late to get your child off to a good start with an Enzi chair. Please do chat to me if you are concerned about your child’s chair or posture.

Thursday, 30 June 2011 22:45

Our first outing with Enzi

Mahogany Stain HomeworkWe took our Enzi Chair to its very first exhibition – the Baby Expo at Sandton Convention Centre held last month. What a wonderful time we had meeting moms-to-be, doting daddies and proud grandparents. Our most favourite part was giving away three chairs to our lucky moms. Well done to Cindi Trent, Tanuja Sewsunker and Devirani Sewpersad. We look forward to doing it all over again at a city near you!

Thursday, 30 June 2011 22:22

Little People in High Places

We opened our doors in 2009 and have had steady support from our customers ever since who always have wonderful things to say about The Enzi Chair. Belinda was one of our first customers and says her boy Ross loves being higher up:

“Thanks very much Liz, I wish I had gotten it much sooner. Ross loves having a ‘stair’ to his chair and being higher up. I must say it improves communication as he is not so far below us now and even a few centimeters makes a difference at this age. He sits for longer doing homework and projects – he would love it if it had wheels like our chairs in the study!” – Belinda Naidoo, 4 Aug 2009

Thank YOU Belinda. May Ross enjoy many, many happy mealtimes and inspired moments in his little throne.

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