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Posture in the formative years

Written by Liz Thursday, 11 August 2011 20:17
So often moms say to me they wish they’d bought the Enzi chair sooner. Their children have developed bad posture and low muscle tone and as a result are spending several (expensive) hours every month in physiotherapy or OT.  The good news is that you can encourage and achieve good posture from an early age. And I don’t believe it’s ever too early or too late to start.  Encouraging correct posture begins by investing in a good chair. There is no way around this.  Most conventional high chairs or adult chairs will leave your child’s feet dangling in mid air. Feet need support. If they are not supported your child may find it physically impossible to sit up straight.  Ill-fitting chairs neither offer back support, and without adequate back support your child’s trunk and pelvis tilt, which could eventually result in low muscle tone in the upper body.  When the trunk, pelvis, back and feet are supported safely and appropriately, like they are with the Enzi chair, it not only encourages correct sitting and posture, but also promotes focus and attention on tasks – so important in the formative years when your child is learning to master hand-eye coordination and…
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