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Our time together at the dinner table

Written by Liz Friday, 24 June 2011 14:03

right-way-at-tableIntroducing our baby to the table

If there’s one thing my two boys love, it’s the time we enjoy together as a family. And our favourite place to do this is at the dinner table! But it wasn’t always that way…

Our first weaning chair was awkward. It just didn’t quite fit; there was always something. Mealtimes could get really fussy…

Things changed when the Enzi chair became part of our lives and part of our dining room. Declan could be positioned comfortably, close to the table, and at the same height as the rest of us.

From then on introducing our boy to family mealtimes was easy. We could interact with him while also enjoying our meal. We started to do it more and more and it gave him, and us, plenty of opportunity for memorable socialisation.

Our boy was in the same chair at 2 years, 4 years, and at 6 years still loves his Enzi chair. Aiden, Declan’s lucky younger brother, has had an Enzi chair from the start!

We are delighted that their Enzi chairs will take them well into their homework years – all for one single investment.

We know this is an investment that will benefit your family too and hope you will soon welcome Enzi to your dinner table.

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full baby chairOur journey to finding The Enzi Chair

When I was a young girl I imagined that I would one day have four children. Four..!! But that was long ago, and definitely before I held my first newborn in my arms.

All the baby books I had acquired during pregnancy weighed more than my 3.4kg bundle. And still I felt clueless.

The second time round though I felt more at ease. I put aside the baby books and drew on my own intuition and experience.

For one thing I knew how to choose the right high chair…

When my first baby, Declan started weaning we very excitedly went out and bought a high chair, a nice enough conventional plastic kind,

which worked for a while. But I soon noticed how uncomfortable my boy was… feet dangling, not

quite reaching the foot platform, and his arms unable to reach the table.

He also slouched a lot, and I was worried this would affect his posture.

After a long search we finally found everything we were looking for – an adjustable, durable and aesthetically pleasing chair made from a beautiful, polished wood that was very easy to clean.

Ever since, I have been sharing my journey with other parents. And with their encouragement (and even pleas) I have been finding the most affordable way to bring the Enzi chair into their homes and lives. I hope I can do the same for you.

Hello and welcome to The Enzi Chair

Written by Liz Thursday, 21 April 2011 08:36

My name is Liz and the mother of two boys.  As a young girl growing up, l never thought much about children and the fact that one day, l would have my own.  My first thoughts of having children were that l would have four – two boys and two girls but that was a long long time ago!

2004 marked the advent of our little bundle of joy - a boy - and l dare say energy.  It was a ‘planned’ baby but when he arrived, boy did he rock my world!  15 months later, just when l thought, l had gotten the hang of all routines: feeding, playing, day time napping, sleeping through the night ssshh, l learnt that l was expecting!  This came as a shock. We thought we were going to have another ‘planned’ baby.  But that is parenting. It is full of surprises as l have come to learn and so, at the end of 2006, we welcomed our second boy into this world.

I thought by the time the second born came, that l would have had time to re-display my bone china and glass frames.  These had been tucked away when the first born learnt how to crawl and was a little trojan around the house. That was not to happen with the news of my second pregnancy.  Diapers, dummies and toys become permanent house decorations for some time.

I remember restarting my gynae visits, and the sister with whom we had become good friends by now saying, this is called ‘’twice the fun & double the trouble”.  I couldn’t have captured it better myself.

When l shared the news of my second pregnancy with my mom, she was over the moon as most grannies would be.  I whispered that l thought it had happened a bit too soon.  She said, “ooh no, this is a nice age gap (otherwise referred to as “step ladder style” by our generation), as they will grow up and play together”.  True that is, they are the best buddies amidst their kiddie combats.   However, for my mom, it was the clothes’ sharing that was a key benefit! The fact that the first born would hand down all their old clothes to the second born, like she did with us. 

I remember vividly my mom saying that children are like flowers, they beautify and brighten spaces.  Now that l have 2 children of my own, l understand why.  However, the mixture of joy and sadness that children bring is best described by humorist Erma Bombeck's analogy of kids as kites. 

You spend a lifetime trying to get them off the ground," she says.  "You run with them until you're both breathless... they hit the rooftop... you patch and comfort, adjust and teach.  Finally, they're airborne, and with each twist of the twine, there is a sadness that goes with the joy, because as the kite becomes more distant, you know it won't be long before this beautiful creature will snap the lifeline binding you together and soar as it was meant to soar...

As you release your children from babyhood into toddlerhood, teenage and finally adulthood, enjoy them, be the best parent you can be to them and most of all, be a blessing.  For this season we have with them, will go all too quickly.

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