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Declan-1Our lives completely changed after the arrival of our first baby in 2004.  It turned out to be a boy and a busy-body at that!

Slowly the weeks turned to months and now we are counting years. 2006 saw the arrival of yet another boy. We count it a blessing. They both have made this parenting journey extremely rewarding.

In this journey, we have come across many baby products, each promising to make life easier for parents and children.

AidenWhen the time came for us to get a high chair for our children, we scoured the market for the right, durable and long-lasting chair.

Our search was fruitless until we were introduced to a chair that had such staying power not to mention functional.  It then dawned on us that there must be many parents out there looking for a similar product without much luck. Enzi Chair was born - the chair that invites children to the table for play, meals and learning. 

Convertable and adjustable

Parents know (and Parents to be will soon discover) that the main things that you want to get down to an art or a science with your children are Sleep, Play and Meal times.  We can’t help much with the first two but we can help with Meals through the innovative Enzi Chair

As babies get to 6 months and above, they become busier and more active. Meal times become hectic, full of heartache and sometimes you can’t get them to sit still.  That is why you need a chair that is comfortable and practical too. We invite you to try it because you will not regret, if anything, you will wonder what took you so long.

Unlike the plastic highchairs in the market, this chair will not be out grown at approximately 8 months, neither at 3yrs of age.

Remember!  It's just one chair. The Enzi Chair is height, depth and seat adjustable ensuring that you will use it until the child is in their pre-teen years.
  Liz - The Enzi Chair

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